About Us



We started SimpliCare as final year medical students after spending a number of years as paid carers for a home-care company. 

Our experiences as carers varied, but the one common denominator was that we all felt our training left us under-prepared for the job. The main issue was that we didn't know what to expect when we went out on home visits, or understand the conditions that our clients were suffering with. This made us feel clueless about how to provide the best care.


As we progressed through medical school and learnt more about the conditions our clients had, our understanding of their needs improved and this helped us provide better care. 

That is where SimpliCare began. Just as our teaching at medical school did, our goal is to empower carers with the knowledge of what their client, patient or loved one is going through. We aim to achieve this through short animated videos that inform carers, and make it simple to provide the best care possible.